Our refurbishment process is simple but thorough: tear down and build up. We replace items like pistons, sleeves, connecting rods, bearings, gaskets, seals, soft goods (like hoses and belts) radiators, electrical components, and more. We even repaint the tractor in our automotive paint booth. Like we said; thorough. 

Next up is safety. Our commitment to you is to provide a safe, reliable tractor that gives you great service for years to come. We install English operating and safety labels to make operating your tractor a breeze. We install a ROPS (rollover protective structure) that mounted to the frame to help keep you safe if the worst happens. We install other safety features as well:

  • Seat Belt
  • PTO Shield
  • PTO Overrun Coupler
  • Clutch Safety Switch

All of these safety features are part of our commitment to keep you safe and secure while you get your work done.

Once the rebuild is complete, the tractor is thoroughly inspected for quality in appearance and operation. We test all tractors using a PTO dynamometer. This places the tractor under a load and ensures that the tractor runs properly under a load. 

You won't find rebuild quality like ours elsewhere. That's why we back every tractor with a 1-year warranty.