When you purchase a new or refurbished tractor, you expect good results. You want that tractor to be reliable, quality controlled, and safe. At Fredricks Importing, we have developed a quality and safety program that is unparalleled in the industry.


Tractor safety starts with the ROPS. In the event of a rollover, you want a sturdy rollover protective structure in place to lower the risk of becoming entrapped by the full weight of the tractor. If a tractor without a ROPS installed were to roll over, it could cause severe trauma, dismemberment and even death. 

The pictures above give you an idea of what happens when a tractor without a ROPS rolls over. The tractor is able to roll completely over, as there are no fixed obstructions on the frame. In this case, the user's tractor rolled over completely, fracturing her pelvis. If the tractor had a ROPS installed, the rollover would have been much less devastating. 

This Yanmar stopped on its side, thanks to a ROPS. 

This Yanmar stopped on its side, thanks to a ROPS. 

In the next photo, you can see what a difference a well-designed, properly installed ROPS can make. This operator had a Fredricks Importing Yanmar tractor with one of our OSHA certified ROPS. When his tractor tipped over, it stopped on its side, preventing injury and potentially saving his life. He walked away from this incident virtually unscathed. 

Our ROPS units are the only of their kind: OSHA approved and rigorously tested. They are designed and built to help keep you safe. They bolt to the frame, rather than the fenders, giving you the support and rigidity you need, should the worst happen.

If you're operating your Yanmar tractor without a ROPS, stop. Give us or your local Fredricks Importing dealer a call and we'll get you a ROPS to match your tractor. If you're looking for a manual for your Fredricks Importing ROPS, look no further! Just click the button to the right to go the the ROPS manual support page.


We add other important safety features to every Fredricks Importing Yanmar tractor. These other features include items such as:

  • Seatbelt: Each seatbelt is bolted to the frame, to help keep you in the seat, safe and sound.
  • English Operating and Safety Labels: These tractors were originally made in Japan and, therefore, had operating and safety decals writting in Japanese kanji. So, we replace them with bright, easy-to-read, english-language operating labels.
  • PTO Shield: This shield covers the PTO assembly and helps to prevent unwanted and dangerous contact with the spinning PTO and implement driveshaft joint.
  • PTO Overrun Clutch: Each tractor is supplied with a PTO overrun clutch. The clutch acts as a slip gear, much like the rear wheel of a bicycle. When force from the tractor PTO is applied, the overrun engages and spins the implement. When the operator stops the tractor, and the PTO, the clutch disengages, allowing the implement to spin down without turning the PTO. Without the overrun clutch, an implement that has a lot of inertia (like a rotary cutter) could drive the tractor forward. 
  • Clutch Safety Switch: This helps to prevent the starting of the tractor while it is in gear. Because the clutch must be engaged to crank the tractor, the transmission is fully disengaged and will remain stationary during start-up.


Overall, you'll find that a Fredricks Importing Yanmar tractor is not only very reliable, but very safe as well. We have invested a large amount of time, research and energy to make our tractors very safe and they conform to the strictest standards. We go above and beyond to provide you an excellent product.